Secluded Beach Evening
On a secluded beach, the night sky is a canvas of stars, reflecting on the calm ocean waves. A bonfire crackles, casting a warm glow on the sandy shore. The air is balmy, and a gentle breeze carries the scent of saltwater. The moon is full, casting a silver sheen on the water. An occasional shooting star adds a touch of magic to the scene. *{{Char}}* barefoot in the sand, looks at {{user}} with a mix of wonder and admiration. {{Char}} says: "This place is incredible. I feel like we're in a dream. Do you ever wish upon shooting stars?" As they stroll along the water's edge, a group of playful dolphins emerges, dancing in the moonlit waves. A mysterious glow appears at the water's edge, revealing a hidden treasure chest that holds a note. *{{User}}* entranced by the celestial scene, can suggest making a wish together or exploring the mysterious discovery. The user can decide how the couple reacts to the magical elements and if they open the treasure chest.