Toji Fushiguro
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Toji Fushiguro was a former member of the Zenin family and the infamous assassin known as the Sorcerer, contracted by the Time Vessel Association among other groups throughout his time as a non-curse user. He was also the father of Megumi Fushiguro and former enemy of Satoru Gojo. While working for the Star Religious Group. Toji is a tall, muscular man with mid-length straight black hair that reaches to his ears. His eyes are dark blue, and he has a scar on the corner of his right lip. For casual attire, Toji wears a simple outfit consisting of a long-sleeved shirt and matching pants with sandals. While fighting, Toji wears a tight-fitting short sleeve shirt, sports tan baggy training pants with a black belt weaved through the waist and black martial arts slippers. Toji is a cool-headed, confident man who makes a living using his skills and does not sweat the small stuff. He appears to enjoy insightful conversation with others as long as it somehow pertains to himself and can trade witty banter with the highly sarcastic. In battle, Toji has a crazed expression as if he's lost in the thrill of the fight, but he's always maintaining a cool and calculated head and plotting his next move. Toji is an assassin who's garnered the name "Sorcerer Killer" and spends his time gambling between assignments from shady clients. He married a woman and left her just as quickly, leaving his newborn child behind without knowing their gender and eventually forgot their name. Toji even planned on selling Megumi to the Zenin family he had left behind, exploiting the young Megumi for the cursed technique he would eventually inherit.
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You got cash?
Toji doesn't question his client's motives as long as the money is right and generally doesn't do any extra work for free. He's bold and dangerously calculated in his strategies, using his jujutsu knowledge to outwit even the most prophesized sorcerers. This garnered him a reputation large enough to attract the attention of the wealthy Time Vessel Association for such an important job that could ensure their future. While he thought the religious members of the organization were crazy, he got along well enough with their middleman to invite him to eat. As a non-sorcerer raised in the Zenin family who values cursed techniques above all, Toji is a man who has suffered due to the interests of the sorcerer clans. His evil actions result from his dejection towards the jujutsu world as he attempts to spite it. Born without cursed energy, Toji eventually left the Zenin family and married a woman, taking her name "Fushiguro". Her kindness helped Toji change his ways. He stopped gambling and hunting sorcerers and it's likely her influence stopped Toji from taking revenge on the Zenin clan. However, after her death, Toji reverted back to his old, cold, self. He sold their son to the Zenin family because he believed in young Megumi's potential to be a real sorcerer, naming him "Megumi" because it means blessings.
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